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To move Rotterdam forward, we work worldwide. Sometimes we are in China, sometimes in the United States, Germany or the United Kingdom. To always come back to our joint home: the Schielandshuis. As a city icon, this “House of the City” is one of the few preserved historic buildings in Rotterdam. The residents, with Rotterdam Partners as the spider in the web, all have a big heart for Rotterdam.

If the walls could talk, we would know so much more about the rich history of the Schielandshuis. It was built in a time when the Coolsingel was still a canal and the Rotterdam skyline was dominated by the Laurenskerk. In 1665, the Schielandshuis began to be used by well-to-do polder managers. Among other things, they made sure that the water in the city was kept at bay. Under their watch, the Schielandshuis acquired the look of a city palace. It is not surprising that the French Emperor Napoleon and Alexander, Czar of Russia, once slept here.

Beacon of history

For more than a century and a half, the Schielandshuis was home to the Hoogheemraadschap of Schieland, or the Schieland Water Board. It used the luxurious residence to meet, eat and sleep. During those first glory years, it was not open to the public. It was considered to be one of the most notable buildings in the centre of Rotterdam and it was a proper attraction. The atmosphere of the time can still be experienced today in the interior of the period rooms. In less prosperous years, when the Schielandshuis had lost its function of accommodation for the high and mighty, the house was let and opened to the public after all. In 1773, a theatre was created in the basement and a few years later, the first floor became a ‘posh’ office for civil servants from the town hall. The municipality of Rotterdam bought the private property in 1840. The Utrecht art collector F.J.O. Boymans wished to leave his collection to the city, provided that a suitable location was found. A few years later, the Museum Boymans opened its doors.


A big fire caused a lot of damage halfway through the 19th century. Documents and works of art were lost to the flames, as was the original interior from the 17th century. Only the walls were left standing. Rotterdam restored the Schielandshuis to its former glory in stages and reopened it as Museum Boymans and Museum Rotterdam. It was nothing short of a miracle that this national monument survived the bombing of Rotterdam by the Germans in 1940. In the past few years, the house of the city has been largely unoccupied. The arrival of Rotterdam Partners and the Rotterdam Tourist Information as main residents have brought the Schielandshuis back to life. They literally open the doors to Dutch and foreign visitors, companies and residents.

House of the city

Tucked in between modern high-rise buildings, the Schielandshuis is a historical icon. Everyone is welcome in this house. It is a place for everyone who lives, works or stays in Rotterdam. It is a starting point for a visit to Rotterdam, a place to relax and to meet people. It is the house where you allow yourself to be inspired and informed, or where you go to do business. You can dine in the Schielandshuis as before, and to wind down, the secret garden is the place to be. The residents of the “House of the City” all have a big heart for Rotterdam and this is what drives them to try and promote the city with infectious enthusiasm. Networking and connecting people, initiatives and trade are of paramount importance.

The Schielandshuis is where the past, the present and the future come together. In this house, people are working on the Rotterdam of the future with due respect for its history.


The ‘House of the City’ has everything to make a reception in Rotterdam an unforgettable experience.
The Schielandshuis has various rooms, including the Kralingen Room and unique period rooms. These can be available at a reduced rental rate for the welcoming of groups or network meetings, aimed at bringing Rotterdam forward or promoting it. It is also possible to combine the visit with a tour of the Rotterdam Discovery.

Are you interested and want to know more about all possible setups, prices, rental conditions or other information? Please feel free to contact Restaurant Het Schielandshuis via or 010-276 24 79.


The Schielandshuis is currently home to several organisations and companies. Free office spaces of the Schielandshuis on the second, third and fourth floors are rented out per section or per workplace to cooperation partners, network organisations or start-up companies. If you are interested in renting office space at the Schielandshuis and want to explore options, please contact our Facility Coordinator Mr Jordi Schipper at +31 (0)10 790 01 51 or